Edible insect


Spicy roasted mealworms with organic spice blend- Insnack333 Taste of Mexico by Crickster at eatCrickster.comProduct pic- Mealworm Snack- By Crickster

Roasted Mealworms Taste of Mexico

Edible Roasted Mealworms product photo of Insnack 333 by Crickster at eatCrickster.comCrickster Insnack 333 - Taste of Italy- Buy delicious Insect snacks online at eatCrickster.com

Roasted Mealworms Taste of Italy

Freeze-dried House Crickets (Achetta domesticus)- Protein powder with 69% proteinPaper pouch product photo of Crickster's Wholepro (Cricket powder)

Freeze Dried Crickets

Freeze-dried Buffalo worms - Crickster 's edible insect productsWhole freeze dried buffalo worms

Freeze Dried Buffalo Worms

Edible insect Snack - Premium Quality Roasted Mealworms with Salt by Crickster at eatCrickster.comA Jar of saedible Mealworms by Crickster at eatCrickster.com

Roasted Mealworms Umami

Crickster packaging- Cricket flour made from freeze dried Crickets.Edible cricket flour- A natural protein powder rich in B12

Cricket flour (Flourpro)

Buffalo Worm Flour (Powder) Product Packaging PhotographyBuffalo larvae flour Close-up

Buffalo worm flour (Flourpro)