A Glass of Crispy Mealworms with organic spices

Insects — a Superfood worth Sharing


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Spicy roasted mealworms with organic spice blend- Insnack333 Taste of Mexico by Crickster at eatCrickster.comProduct pic- Mealworm Snack- By Crickster

Mealworm Snack — Tex Mex

Edible Roasted Mealworms product photo of Insnack 333 by Crickster at eatCrickster.comCrickster Insnack 333 - Taste of Italy- Buy delicious Insect snacks online at eatCrickster.com

Mealworm Snack — Pizza Spices

Freeze-dried House Crickets (Achetta domesticus)- Protein powder with 69% proteinPaper pouch product photo of Crickster's Wholepro (Cricket powder)

Freeze Dried Crickets

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Edible insects

Anne-Sofie Tellerup

"My favorite is the Taste of Mexico. It is really well spiced and has a hot taste from the cayenne pepper. There is a lot of possibilities for the use of these products. You can snack them as they are or you could use them as flavoring or toppings in your food."

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Kornelija Gutic

"I really love your concept. Well chosen articles, great videos, delicious recipes and innovative ideas. It's great to see such an engagement concerning our environment and health. Your work is encouraging!"

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