To empower food enthusiasts, innovators and thought leaders to create healthy and tasty foods with edible insects— leading to a better future.

Vector Illustration of Crickster's Vision. Edible insects are part of our future
We Believe THAT

Insects are a healthy delicacy worth sharing

By sharing knowledge, processes and food experiences, we can empower each other to create more meaningful projects and companies — driving the change we want to see in the world.

Food should fuel our bodies, without compromising our planet’s health!

Instead of limiting our food choices, we should aim for a wider variety of foods. By providing alternatives to over consumed foods, we can eat tasty and healthy meals while reducing our environmental footprint.

Every one is a leader

By educating and inspiring the people around us to make better choices, we can lead the world to a better tomorrow. Every interaction we have with another human being can leave an impact. That's why it is our duty to lead others by example.